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Since I was admitted by the Tokyo Bar Association and JFBA in April of 1989, I had tried taking cases of foreign people like visa problems, while I had been working for a small law firm as an associate for 5 years.
I had been at English course of Exeter University for one year from Autumn in 1994 to Spring in 1995 and studying at Summer Law School at London School of Economics in London.
I re-started my career at my own office at Akasaka in Tokyo from December in 1995. Since then, I had been involving foreign affairs like contract and negotiation between corporations and dispute between individuals.
Also, I have been a member of International Bar Association since 2003.
I have been a general practitioner and I have been dealing with various legal cases, such as corporate, real-estate, bankrupt, inheritance, divorce, labor, intellectual property, tort, and criminal.
Moreover, I have been doing a pro-bono like free consultation for the victims of Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear disaster.(Please see below)


My motto is doing a job differently with exceptional ideas. My law firm is small but the smallness is grate sometimes and in some cases.
       NOMURA, Yoshitaro
              Attorney at law
  Akasaka Nomura Sogo Law Office
  Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Akasaka, 8-6-27,
  Sky Plaza Akasaka 311,
  JAPAN 107-0052

   Tel: +81-3-3475-0410
   Fax: +81-3-3475-0412